We have a small weather station, a WS-2308. The associated software called Heavy Weather runs on a Windows 98 notebook in the house, with the weather station about 20 metres away, outside obviously. I hope to get a small webcam setup that looks out to the wind station too, but in the meantime the image below gets uploaded using Heavy Weather Publisher every 10 minutes. Refresh this page to see the latest data.

It’s an extremely exposed location here, we get impressive wind and rain storms, with wind speeds over 100 kph not at all uncommon. The house is engineered to withstand 200 kph wind speeds without damage. We are yet to experience that, but the weather station did record 147 kph one night - and it’s rather conservative..

The weather station web-publishing interface is shut down at present in order to reduce power consumption, an action that would be entirely unnecessary if our Labour government had an IQ of 100 collectively, let alone individually.

Click <here> or on the image above to load the weather page in a new window.