LS120 Disks

The LS120 drive arrived about 1996, to much fanfare from Compaq. It was touted to be the floppy-killer and Compaq tried hard to get it installed as the default drive in all new computers.

Never happened.

I have two LS120 drives that I bought by auction very recently, they are very similar to a standard 3.5 inch floppy drive, but are heavier and have additional shielding. A subtle difference is the connector - LS120 drives attach to an IDE port, not the floppy port.

I have an LS120 disk somewhere, a client in Australia was using an LS120 drive and I needed to send files to him. I assume I have a drive from the same period too, but I don’t recall seeing it in recent history.

The drive opposite has on the rear panel “EASYSTOR 120MB SuperDisk Drive Model EFD3122A Read/Write Multi-format 120MB/1.44MB/720KB”. The manufacturing date is July 2000, so this is a late-model version.