Home Computer Course

The Home Computer Course was a UK publication offering readers the opportunity of ‘Mastering your computer in 24 weeks’. Week 16 which is featured here has a detailed artcile on the Sharp MZ-711, which from articles on the Web debuted in 1982/1983, so that would date the publication to around 1983. That fits with other features. It was issued under ISSN 0265-2919 and retailed for 80 pence per issue.

I have a considerable number of these booklets, but unfortunately they are packed in preparation for our move to a new property, although at Feb 2008 that looks to be somewhat delayed. Week 16 appeared at auction recently and is in as-new condition, so I took the opportunity to photograph it for display here. It makes wonderful reading.

Week 16 also features “Past Memories”, looking at memory technologies, The Sharp MZ-711 as above, Bulletin Boards, File structures in BASIC programming, the Wired Society looking at communication systems, One Armed Bandits looking at Robotic Arms, Program Editing, The Lyons corner teashop, the driving force behind the development of the first British commercial computer (first EDSAC then the LEO), and the use of sound and pictures on the Sinclair Spectrum and the Commodore Vic-20.

Home Computer Course 16

Week 16