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There is this vast accumulation of disks around this place, most of which are in 5.25 inch format - when I can persuade a 5.25 inch drive to work again, I’ll get those loaded up. So far two of two drives are dead. In the meantime, I did convert a fair block of 3.5 inch disks covering early network cards and sound cards.

For interest, I do have some 8 inch disks and even an 8 inch drive, but getting that working is definitely beyond my abilities. I used an NEC machine with 8 inch disks, as well as a Wang SVP I think, in Sydney in the early 80’s. While the Wang system got re-written, a derivative of the NEC system is still running, believe it or not. It was written in 1984 and is still maintainable. It runs multi-user in a DOS box these days. The code was originally written in Sensible Solution which changed hands a few times to become ODBS - the O’Hanlon Data Base Solution, before the words Data Base became Database.

The file links from this page go to a Zip file and usually a .txt file that is the ‘readme’ file from the disk, but note for early DOS drivers it was usually a .exe file. We do have anti-virus protection here and I’m pretty certain the files are virus-free, but you download and use them at your own risk.

Click one of the links to the left or below to browse the files and/or download them. In each case the .zip file contains all the files on the original disk, including the original directory structure.

Note: at April 2008 this is a work in progress.


Network Cards


Sound Cards