Dataman is a calculator on steroids, although the latter were less notorious when Dataman was in vogue. A product and trademark of Texas Instruments in 1977 (and probably thorugh to 1980), the manual describes it thus:

Dataman was designed with the help of educators to help provide fun, drill and practice with numbers. Dataman is easy to use, and many children will be able to read The Story of Dataman by themselves and learn how to play Dataman’s many learning games.”

This one was purchased at auction some months back. It is fully functional, if a bit used, and came complete with manual - which I have photographed and included below for all you who have one of these little toys but no operating instructions. The operating procedures are not obvious.


Dataman by Texas Instruments in 1977

With the lights on, so to speak.

Dataman side view

It takes a 9 volt battery. This one is missing it’s battery cover, but it works fine. The serial number is not given, but the right hand panel has 6 80, which I presume is the manufacture date - June 1980. However, the manual is clearly copyrighted in 1977. It was assembled in El Salvador. There is a code 9577 and the word CALCOM inside the battery compartment.

The manual is complete and included page by page below.