Computer Posters

Recently, some ‘Framed Prints’ were offered on our local auction site. I figured they were just A4 or at most A3, so after winning the auction, I arranged for the items to be picked up and delivered here. I was slightly surprised, to understate things a bit, to find the box barely fitted in the back of our four wheel drive wagon. There are five of them and they are each 700mm or so square. While one frame is slightly damaged, they are in great condition for their age and will eventually form a wall display in the museum. The focus of the prints are 286 and 386 motherboards of the era. I used each of these boards at some point and generally found the 286/20 board to outperform the 386 boards of the same vintage. The 386sx boards particularly were hobbled by the lack of a floating point processor and performed at a pedestrian rate at best. I don’t think the 286/20 had a FPP either, so that obviously wasn’t the primary reason for the speed difference.

One print features a picture of a credit card, and with some use of a digital magnifying glass the expiry date of 1981 is easily readable. (note) After doing some research, it seems I am mistaken - the 286-20 didn’t appear until 1990 or so. The credit card must be fake. Artistic license.

I understand these prints were originally in the offices of AB Computers in Willis Street, Wellington. While I don’t recall the prints, I do recall visiting the shop - I had a customer in Wellington at the time and visited our Capital several times providing computer and programming support.