Compute Magazine

A recent purchase was two issues of “Compute!” magazine from 1985, February and May. While I can’t in all conscience reproduce the magazine here, I did think the advertisements were both interesting and free of publishing issues.

So in the pages here you can see the marketing material of the time for companies such as MAP - Microbits Peripheral Products, Inc of Oregan offering the MPP 1064 Modem for the Coomdore 64. Or maybe Davidson & Associates, Inc of Rancho Palos Verdes offering Spell It!, Math Blaster!, Word Attack! and Speed Reader II are more in your line.

Regardless, I enjoy looking at old advertisements and either thinking “I remember that when it was new”, or maybe, “I wonder what happened to that company”, or often, both.

Compute May85

Compute! Magazine May 1985

February 1985 is not done yet.