Unless noted with the item or book, everything on this site is physically here and I scanned the images or took the photographs myself. While this museum is virtual the intention is always that one day it will be real. In a number of cases I can trace some of the item’s provenence (the context in which it was found, it’s past). Where that doesn’t invade someone’s privacy I have included that information with the item.

A large part of this collection was accumulated during my computer career, which started with ICL in Wellington about 1970 and finished this year when I semi-retired from anything to do with computers to concentrate on my printing business ( and work with my wife Maree to develop the property we purchased on September 11, 2001 - a memorable day for many reasons.

Many of these items and books were bought through Trademe, New Zealand’s auction site on which I trade as ‘aramis’, which happens to be the name of our Burmin cat and one of the three Musketeers (check out

Others came from Recycling Centres in Christchurch and Nelson. Some came from Blue Door, a similar private scheme running in Blenheim (our closest town). A few computer-related items were acquired from or donated by my computer consulting customers, including Hunters’ Wines ( and local earthmoving company Earthworks Marlborough ( The original IBM PC XT was given to me by friends Hugh and Belinda, it has a special place in my (aging) heart.

To Simon and Yvonne in Wellington from whence came the Tandberg Tape Drive (the first QIC drive) and Rob in Auckland for two logic boards, your generosity in donating items is noted here.

To Trademe, I say thank you for providing the trading place where others have made these items available. To those who took the effort to make them available rather than taking that easy road to the local rubbish dump, I say another thank you. To those who went the extra mile packing items for me for shipping around the country, thank you too.

My interests centre around computers, but I also dabbled in Radio in the past. Electronics is a long-standing and current hobby, especially PICAXE microchips. I have a large and treasured but unloved collection of old radios. I have a large and treasured collection of New Zealand stamps partly inherited from my father that deserves to be on display somewhere. There is only so much time....

At this point in time, nothing shown here is for sale. These items were bought to preserve them and it would be disloyal to their previous owners to do other than preserve them for the future.

I hope you enjoy the site.