4 Square Snap Cards

This is a page for Kiwis, I think. Back when I was much younger the major player in the grocery trade, 4 Square, put out packs of playing cards designed for the game of “Snap”, where two or more players take turns to play a card face-up onto the pile in the centre. If the just-played card matches the one just below it, any player rapidly puts their hand face down on the pile and yells “Snap!”. The first to do so (ie the one with the first hand down) gets to collect all the cards in the pile and adds them face-down to the bottom of the cards in their hand. Play continues from that player, I think, until someone runs out of cards. They drop out and play continues until only one player has all the cards, who then is deemed to have won the game.

These cards are still in reasonable condition, and the pack is nearly complete. They were from my parents toy box, most of which came my way when Dad died a few years back. Mum had died a few years before that. Their toy box contained a number of ‘treasures’ from when we kids were very young. They built toys tougher in those days.

(Yes, I know it’s not old technology, but ....)

The whole pack

Back of each card

The Cards



Crest Fine Foods

Gregg’s Fine Foods

Sanitarium Marmite

Mono Lunch Roll

Nugget Show Polish

Rawakelle Tea

Red Band Biscottes

Vi-Max Breakfast and Baking Cereal

Vita- Brits